We are sieving, aeration and blending specialists, with the ability to remove waste, and change the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil to meet specifications for onsite reuse or sale. Our services include topsoil amelioration, geotechnical soil amendments, soil remediation, waste reduction and landfill mining, and mobile composting.

Topsoil amelioration

Importing topsoil to AS4419, MRTS16, R178 or other custom specifications can cost anywhere from $17 to $50 per cubic metre depending on the location of your project. The costs in regional areas where cartage costs are high and technical expertise may not be available to achieve the specifications can be even higher. SoilCyclers is able to turn your ‘unsuitable’ materials into specification topsoils for reuse on your project. Doing this means you are reusing your site’s materials, reducing the cost of disposing of waste and reducing the number of trucks on local roads around your project. It also means you are reducing the risk of importing contamination to your site. As well as the environmental benefits, making topsoil out of onsite materials can also generate savings of up to $30 per cubic metre. For big infrastructure projects, these savings are significant. For our mining industry clients with topsoil shortages, we can work to test and ameliorate overburden and turn it into topsoil.
Our crews are mobile and based in Brisbane but we regularly travel throughout Queensland, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT. By block booking jobs well in advance, we can share the costs of mobilisation to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, North Queensland and other regional locations to make sure we are cost effective. Our minimum quantity is 400m3, using our trommel and skid steer combo. We have no maximum quantity but regularly complete large highway projects which require 150,000m3+ of topsoil ameliorated to a specification.

Geotechnical soil amendments

SoilCyclers is built around the idea of saving clients money while doing the right thing for the environment. We’re a commercially astute and innovative specialist contractor and our team of experts is focused on reducing risks and providing quality, environmentally friendly solutions for your project. We have staff and crews on the ground across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Northern Territory on a regular basis and use video-conference toolbox talks, cloud-based technology, paperless sites and real-time reporting to run effectively across long distances.

Soil Remediation

With many contamination issues able to be fixed by sieving or screening to remove large particles, aeration and blending immobilisation or neutralisation agents in the same way we blend ameliorants for soil amelioration, our mobile trommel screens and specialist mixing operators are also ideal for soil remediation projects. Some of the soil issues we can assist you with include:

PFAS soil remediation
Acid Sulfate Soil Remediation
Potential Acid Sulfate Soil Remediation
Hydrocarbon, PAH and TPH contamination (best for quantities > 10,000m3)
Any compounds that are volatile and can be dealt with via aeration (e.g. BTEX)
If there is a binding agent or neutralising agent to be mixed with the soil or a benefit to aerating the soil, we would love to work with your contamination experts to provide mobile soil remediation services


Heavy clay soils, blacksoils, damp soils, wet sand, C&D waste, wet compost and more are not a problem for our gear. We have a highly mobile skid steer and trommel screen setup available for trials if needed to demonstrate our capacity to deal with challenging materials.

Waste reduction & landfill mining

Many of our construction and waste industry clients also engage us to reduce the amount of waste being disposed of offsite, reduce the classification of waste being disposed of so disposal costs are less, or to undertake processing in landfill resource recovery areas or transfer stations.

We have extensive experience undertaking large illegal tip site clean ups and dealing with stockpiles of mixed waste. We have a collaborative approach for these projects, and work closely with your remediation consultants, soil scientists, geotechnical experts and civil contractors to achieve best for project outcomes. Every site clean up is different and there are always surprises even with the most extensive investigation work done prior to commencing the job, but on some previous jobs we have worked to turn mixed waste into compactible fill which was able to be used to bring up the level of the site, separate concrete, metal, timber, bricks, tyres and more from soil for recycling, separate plastic from soil so it can be disposed of in specially designed onsite landfill cells and more. On one recent project, we sorted through 140,000m3 of soil and green waste mixed with plastic, electric engines and building rubbish, and we were able to recycle 87% of it onsite, saving our client more than $5 million in cartage and disposal fees.

While landfill mining is still a very new field in the southern hemisphere, where our wide open spaces and lower population densities make landfill still relatively inexpensive compared to Europe, SoilCyclers’ experience dealing with challenging material means we are the ideal contractors or partners in a landfill mining operation. Working alongside your technical consultants, we can help with separating waste from recyclable materials, reduce the weight of material being disposed of and reduce the amount of material that needs to be disposed of. Please contact us if you need to move a landfill, we’d love to work with you to come up with cost effective and innovative environmental solutions to challenging site problems.

Mobile composting

SoilCyclers have recently been issued with Queensland’s first mobile and temporary ERA53 composting permit. This means we can help our highway project and subdivision clients to reuse vegetation from their site to make a soil amendment that is reused on their site. Our work on a recent highway project is creating 13,000m3 of AS4454 compliant and MRTS16 compliant compost for reuse in our soil amelioration works. This is saving our client $2.8M and reducing carbon emissions on the project by 550 tons in transport alone.

If you are a developer or infrastructure project looking to reuse your green waste onsite in Queensland, we have an ERA permit in place already and can assist with your projects. For interstate projects, we can work with you to obtain site specific permits.

Other services

SoilCyclers also has partnerships with a number of other complimentary businesses and can provide you with introductions or work alongside these contractors to deliver the best outcomes for your projects. These services include:

Soil Testing

SoilCyclers has deliberately chosen not to provide topsoil, subsoil, geotechnical and contamination soil and mulch testing with in-house staff but instead works closely with a number of independent soil scientists and consultants. We’ve made a conscious decision that making recommendations and validating our own work is not something we want to be doing, so if our contract with you includes soil testing you will always be given a direct line of communication to the soil scientist. We work alongside some of Australia’s most well-respected and talented soil scientists so please contact us if you would like a recommendation for your project.

In situ amelioration

While we are trommel screen experts, we know that this is not always the best amelioration or mixing methodology for a project. If in situ amelioration is the best option for your project we can provide skid steers and tractors fitted with rotary hoes where only the top layer of soil requires mixing.

Soil slinging and spreading services

While we stay focussed on amelioration, remediation and waste reduction, we have a number of partners able to provide expertise in soil spreading and soil slinging for large projects. Please get in touch for some recommendations or we can work together with these businesses to provide a soil amelioration and spreading package for your project.

Revegetation services

While we will not be branching out into hydromulching or revegetation services, we are lucky to work alongside some of Australia’s best revegetation contractors including hydromulching, compost blanket providers, tree planting services, seeding contractors and more. For a recommendation or joint proposal for your project, please contact us.

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