SoilCyclers put COVID-19 preventative measures in place to keep site and office crews working

The SoilCyclers team has put preventative measures in place to ensure we can work safely in our business environments, particularly as we navigate through these uncertain times. 

Our Plant Manager, Michael Bennett, serves as a prime example of how we can practice social distancing techniques in the field.

Michael has bluetooth handsfree in the machine so he can remain isolated in his Volvo Excavator ‘icebox’ and talk to clients and site supervisors about the job without any physical contact with others (bucket down of course). 

He can also complete his pre-start checklists on his phone or tablet.

“We are fortunate to still be open for business with appropriate safety protocols in place, for as long as construction is considered an essential industry,” SoilCyclers Managing Director Alison Price said.

“Our crews can run in full isolation with no social interaction needed.”

We have arranged the following to combat the spread of coronavirus:

  • Conducting meetings and site inductions via video conferencing facilities.
  • Office crew working from home.
  • Site crew to work in their own machines 
  • Practicing social distancing when interacting with clients.
  • Providing additional PPE in site vehicles
  • Fuel runs completed at automatic bowsers.
  • Ameliorant delivery docket sign offs to be done electronically to avoid human interaction. 

Our response to COVID-19 is aligned to the advice of Australian authorities and industry standards. We’re looking forward to working with our clients across the construction, waste and mining sectors to keep projects running for as long as they are deemed to be essential services.